The Journey Of Programming

Start Of The Journey

The Journey of Programming:  I always wonder about seeing the apps and games on the playstore. I was curious to know how actually they were created. So then I did some research on it. I found that there are several ways to do so but one thing everyone will need is programming knowledge. Then I started exploring different sites on google about programming knowledge. I found that there were various programming languages to learn and explore. As I was fascinated in developing mobile apps so decided to learn some Java and Android studios that were 3 years back. I Learned about java and android studio through online learning platforms by watching youtube videos and seeing other’s code on GitHub.

Creation of first app and game

The Journey of Programming

After I had gained some experience in java and android studio I then started building my first mobile app. The app was about a document organizing tool. It took me nearly 2 months of work to successfully build the app which can run well on android devices. Then motivated me a lot to continue my programming journey further. After one year of java and android studio. I Shifted to c# which will help me in making another dream project that was making an android game using unity. I learned unity and c# not more just a little bit which was enough for me to build my first game.


Three years of the journey

After I completed my two years of programming journey learning java and c#. I made my mind to shift flutter for further learning as it can help me to develop both android and Ios apps with the same code. After that, I  learned flutter for about four months which was enough (I think) for me to build my next flutter app. I made a music downloading and listening apps after one month of coding. As of now, I had completed my three of learning programming languages like Java, C# , Flutter and tools like android studio, Vs code, and studio, Unity.

Some Of the Suggestions

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  • Choose the best language that can help you achieve your plan.
  • Be patient and continue learning as it is a long and slow process.
  • Never give up learning the language as it may be a little bit harder for you.
  • Learn from the internet.
  • If you want to be an android developer start with flutter and dart.
  • For making games start with Unity and C-sharp(C#).