Install wordpress on subdomain in 2022: The How To Guide:

Install wordpress on subdomain:

If you are new to the domain and hosting stuff. You had listened about the subdomain from somewhere and are willing now to figure out how to install wordpress on the subdomain. Then you are in right place. We will cover all things related to the domain, subdomain, creating a subdomain, WordPress, and installing WordPress on the subdomain.

What is Domain?

Domain simply refers to an alpha-numeric, numeric, or string that points to a physical IP address on the internet. To understand in simple words, it’s just the name of your website. Every domain name is assigned to a physical address and which then points to an internet address from where your website is visible and reachable to others. Every domain name is unique. I guess your one must be unique if you have one. If you don’t have then you can easily buy from a domain registrar or hosting providers like GoDaddy or Namecheap.


What is Subdomain?

A subdomain is also just like your domain but it is in fact a subpart of your primary domain. Just take an example, if you have a domain named then a subdomain will look like this Since our subdomain is a part of our domain it will share your hosting resources with your main domain.

How to create a subdomain?

After reading the above information I must say you are in a hurry to create a subdomain. In this section, we will learn how to create our subdomain. 

Firstly, you need to login into your Cpanel. You can access your Cpanel by going to or, navigating to the domains section, or searching subdomain in the search box. You will see as below image:install wordpress on subdomain


Thirdly, click on the subdomain and you will be redirected to the page where you can choose a name for your subdomain and other settings for it.

install wordpress on subdomain

Above we set our new subdomain name as subdomain and document root. After that, we will click the create button and a new subdomain will be created.wordpress subdomain

Finally, we have our brand new subdomain. Now it’s time to install wordpress in that subdomain.


What is wordpress?

For those who just know this word, WordPress is a free and open source website creation tool that means a content management system written in PHP, HTML, CSS, and javascript. To learn more you can visit to the WordPress official website by clicking here

How to install wordpress on the subdomain?

If you are already on the Cpanel that is a point of benefit if not then you should log in to your website Cpanel dashboard. Then navigate to the following section.install wordpress

Now, you will see different types of content management system (CMS) just like WordPress. Select the WordPress as in the image.subdomain wordpress

Then, click on the install button and you will see various options to customize your installation.cpanel on subdomain

In the above image we selected the subdomain we had created in our previous section. After selecting the subdomain and setting other information to be provided there.nowdom


Now select the install button the wordpress installation will begin and It may take some time to install. After the installation is finished you will have your wordpress installed in your newly created subdomain.last

Hurray, we had our WordPress installed.


In this blog, we just learned how we can create our subdomain from the main domain and install WordPress on the subdomain we created. Doing this has its own advantages. If you manage a big blog site and want to open another site that can be served as the forum or support portal of your website. In this case, you can use this WordPress site as your required portal to be served your user.

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