How to write fast with good handwriting? 7 Best Ways

Do you know how to write fast but with good handwriting?

Hello men, welcome to this session. Do you want to know How to write fast with good handwriting? Wondering what I am doing? What is today’s topic all about? The subject matter that we are going to cope with today is the maximum demanded topic. How to write down fast? Many students want that their handwriting is good, and they’ve right concerned understanding however they fail to finish their tests on time. Does this have something to do with our writing velocity or fashion? Yes, so what are the ways to grow our pace? what should be finished to write fast? 

How to write fast with good handwriting?

Use Lightweight Pen

The first vital factor is the tool used-Pen/Pencil Try the use of a lightweight pen that allows you to assist to jot down effortlessly.


Use the equal pen for exercise or even all through your examination. Try not to place the cap on the case we don’t want the additional weight of anything. Friends, we ought to train our fingers and hand muscles to write rapidly. 

A lot of Practice

How can we try this? Ok inform me, how does any athlete acquire their running pace? Yes, it’s miles by way of practice that they educate their frame and build their stamina to run speedily. The same logic applies here as well. Practice is the solution. Try to copy a written part from any of your reference fabric and write them but time yourself. Suppose which you take 5 minutes to fill that page at your everyday pace. Next time write the same issue once more and increase your velocity.

Keep a record of your timings

Check whether you’re able to complete that in a lesser time. Each time attempt to reduce the time until you get a steady timing. That will give you your velocity. With that speed, you have to exercise for long hours.


Take Small Breaks

You may additionally take small breaks in among however make it a dependency to continuously write for 2-three hours because that’s usually our examination length. But pals, during assessments we can certainly replica and write. You have to be thorough together with your content expertise so you don’t waste time wondering. So first plan the waft of the answer for your mind and begin writing it. For unfastened writing, practice or clear up some preceding yr question paper or any solution or subject matter that you have studied. You can also even ask a person to dictate certain parts and try and match as much as their speed.

Deal With The Grip And Strain

While writing, deal with the grip and strain. If you’re protecting it too tight and making use of extra strain you’re losing your strength there. Use a tender grip and everyday pressure as it will assist us to write longer and reduce fatigue and muscle cramp. Friends, I could recommend starting with attention on attaining the velocity after which improve the presentation and handwriting part. But don’t break your handwriting for the pace attempt to create legible handwriting. 

Test The Size of Your Letters

Also, test the size of your letters; don’t make them too big because it will take additional time to finish the one’s letters. Normal sizing might be most appropriate. Apart from these hints, you could even try out these warm-up sporting events:


5 Most Useful Practice Tips

Here are the five most useful practice tips that will help you How to write fast with good handwriting?

1) We get the smiley-faced balls made of foam in the marketplace, squeeze them and relax, and strive it 4-five times.

2) Place four-five coins on a desk, choose it and vicinity it, select its location and repeat. Use tripod palms. 

3) Tear small bits of paper and make paper balls. Here once more, the use of your tripod palms. 

4) Hold a pencil like you are approximate to jot down and with the use of those arms attempt to stroll it towards the cease. Walk it returned and repeat. 


5) Place a rubber band around the hands and thumb, stretch it and relax. Repeat the identical. By doing these physical games we’re training our hand and finger muscular tissues and this can assist us to write longer with no fatigue. 

So, I wish you determined this consultation useful. Meet you in our subsequent consultation with any other exciting topic. Till then live tuned and continue to read our other posts. TechBink makes it smooth.

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