How to start a blog in Nepal best way in 2022?

start blog in Nepal

Start a blog in Nepal: If you are fascinated with doing something in this vast IT world. Blogging is the best start for you. Blogging simply means writing your views, opinions, and valuable information on a certain subject matter for the reader around the world. Blogging has immense possibilities and benefits in today’s world. It is an opportunity for you straight forward to your desktop. You can share knowledge and information that you have with others while earning a good income and influencing the whole internet community. Isn’t It a great deal!!

You can start your blogging journey in various ways but two convenient and effective ways are described in this blog. The  method to start blogging is


Prospect of blogging in Nepal

Blogging has become a lot easier and more efficient these days as compared to 6-8 years ago. At that time payment gateways like eSewa, Khalti, and others were not famous or introduced directly meaning that you were not able to purchase the domains and hosting package as ease as now. Nowadays, You can easily buy hosting packages and domains very easily and at affordable prices.

Advantages of blogging

If you are a beginner or don’t know much about blogging. And, you actively want to know what are the benefits or advantages of blogging. Then, In this section, I will elaborate a bit on the advantages to start a blog website in Nepal. I have listed the advantages as it will be easier to read:

  • Passive income through AdSense.
  • Able to share personal knowledge and ideas.
  • Develops a habit of thinking and writing.
  • Makes you perfect in grammar and of course in English.
  • Help you have a huge internet community.
  • You will go through new information every time you write content.
  • Helps to build up your confidence.
  • Encourage you to help others through your experience.

How to start blog in Nepal in 2 ways?


Start blog website in Nepal: Blogspot is a common and free blog hosting platform provided by Google. It is the best way to start blogging if you are very new to it. Many writers are using Blogspot to share their blog/knowledge with others. We will learn how to setup Blogspot for using to start blogging in Nepal:

  • First, Go to on your Internet Browser and Sign Up for the Blogspot account using your google account.
Start blog website in Nepal
  • Now, Click on New Blog just like the below Image.
Start blog website in Nepal
  • Now set a suitable title for your blog and hit next. This time you have to choose your domain name with extension.
Start blog website in Nepal
  • Hurry, You have got your Blogspot ready. Now, It’s time to start some blogging by writing posts.
Start blog website in Nepal
  • All you have to do is click on a new post and start writing a blog.
how to start blog website in Nepal?



Start blog website in Nepal: WordPress is a great way to start blogging if you are familiar with Blogspot and have knowledge about the domain and hosting packages. In my opinion, WordPress is the best way for writing a professional blog. This article which you are reading is also written in WordPress. To start using WordPress you will need a domain and web hosting package.

You can buy a well reliable and fast web hosting package from Nest Nepal. All you have to do is visit

Start blog website in Nepal

Create an account on Nest Nepal. Then go to your dashboard and navigate to Hosting as In Image:

Start blog website in Nepal

You will have three packages. Choose the one best for your website. Select add to cart to add it.

Start blog website in Nepal

Now in this section, you have to choose your brand new domain name for your website. Choose a short and best name as it can’t be changed later.


Continue to check out and fill up the billing option with your preferred payment option.


After you successfully made the payment. Go to your dashboard you will see a new service is added.Click on manage it now and login to your cpanel. Navigate to the software section. You will find softaculous app installer as in Image just click on it.

blog website

You will find the option to install WordPress there. Select install.

wordpress guide

After the installation is completed log in to your WordPress dashboard. Now you can install different plugins and themes for your website by navigating to the plugin and appearance section. For writing blog posts.


Choose your suitable title and start writing on it and click publish to publish your first blog.


Hurray you have successfully written and published your first blog. Now you have to set up your domain in the search console. This is done to make your writing available to others on Google. If you like this Start blog website in Nepal blog please do share.

Bonus Section

In this bonus section, I will guide you on how to set up your domain in the google search console. Step-by-step guide:

  • Go to the search console by clicking here.
  • Click on add new property on the left section.
  • Type your domain name in the instructed place.
  • Complete the site verification by uploading your verification id.
  • submit your website to indexing.

Read about how to install WordPress.

To know about WordPress click here.