How to install unity and build games?

How to install unity and build games?


Install unity and build games: Everyone loves to play games, isn’t it?. Games are the means of enjoyment and fun.  I think you must have downloaded the games to clear your boredom.Everyone does that.People of every age loves to play games whether it is mobile games or physical. But in today’s world mobile games are preferred most. Do you ever wonder how they were made? Possibly yes that why you are reading this blog Ahh!!. Don’t worry we will discuss on that in this post.
How to install Unity and build games?

Basic Info

Games are built using various game engines and tools. Some of the popular tools are Unity engine, Unreal Engine, Godot, and others. Before using these tools you need to have programming knowledge also. Programming languages like Java, C-Sharp, and C++ are used for building games. Unity engine uses C-Sharp whereas Unreal Engine uses C++.


What Is a Game Engine?

If you are going to build a game you cannot just start. You need to have the proper tools to make your project organized and easy for you to manage. All these things are fulfilled by the game engine. Game Engine is a software development program or environment used to build games just like the IDE (Android Studio,  Xamarian) that are used to build Mobile apps but this one is for game development.

About Unity?

Among the various game engine, Unity is the most popular among the developers. Unity is across-platform game development engine developed by Unity Technologies. It was first announced in June 2005, at the Apple Worldwide developer conference. This engine was primarily released on Mac OS only but later other platforms like Desktop, Mobile, and virtual platforms were also added. It can be used to make Third Dimensional (3D games), 2D, as well as other interactive simulations. It also can be used in the film, automotive, architecture, and engineering.

Installing Unity on Windows?

Installing Unity on Windows is an easy to process and requires less effort. First of all, you need to download Unity Hub from their official website. You need to fulfill the below requirement for installing the unity hub:



Unity Hub system requirements

OS: Windows 7 SP1+, 8, 10, 64-bit versions only; Mac OS X 10.12+; Ubuntu 16.04, 18.04, and CentOS 7.

GPU: Graphics card with DX10 (shader model 4.0) capabilities.


If you met the above requirements you can proceed further. 

 Downloading Unity Hub

Click Download Unity Hub and wait for the download to complete. When the download completes click on the file and run it as administrator.

How to install Unity and build games?

It will ask for a license agreement click I agree and choose your installation location and hit Install. Now installation process begins. Wait for the installation to complete.

How to install Unity and build games?



Installing Unity Editor

After the installation completes, you will see the Unity Hub icon on your Desktop. Double click it. You will see the following screen. Navigate to Installs and Click install the new editor.

How to install Unity and build games?

Now select the latest version or one you like and hit install. Then you will a screen asking you to select the tools for the engine.

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Select the tools as shown in the below image of you are building the game for mobile and select other tools also for other platforms according to your need and interest.

game development using unity

Now hit install and the installation of the real unity engine begins. This installation takes a long time and more internet consumption so prepare accordingly.

install unity

If the installation is finished it’s time for creating our first game using the newly installed tool. Just like in the image click the new project and proceed further.

Creating a New Project

How to install Unity and build games?

 Select the template provided or start with a fresh new project.

install unity and build games

After selecting the template and suitable name for the project hit to create the project . Your  new project will open in the Unity Editor from where you can build the scene , game objects , UI  and create script to run and build your game.

unity editor

That’s all you have now installed the unity engine and created your first game. See the official unity documentation for further knowledge about how to use Unity to build high-quality and graphic-intensive games.