How to install C# in window 10 ?

how to install C# in window 10:
In this growing tech era, if you want to do something then a very basic and fundamental step is to learn how to code. If you are soo beginner in this. Let me explain what code means in this computer world. Code is a written piece of instruction that your computer can easily translate into its machine-readable format so that it can execute your command.install C#

If you want to learn to code there are different programming out there. Some of the popular and widely used ones include Python, Java, C, C++, C-Sharp, Kotlin, Dart, Go-Lang, and many more. Every language has its own specialty and is capable of doing what it was supposed to be built. But the matter of things is how much faster it is and how easy is it. C-Sharp comes first in this matter.


What is C# Progamming Language?

Install C# in Windows 10: C# is developed by Microsoft in 2000. This language was built to meet the needs for web development that C++ and Visual Basic was not able to do.C-sharp was built taking the consideration that the best features of Java and C++ can be achieved and it will not be difficult for developer to switch to C-sharp from Java or C++ or vice-versa.

Why C# is widely used?

C# is a general-purpose programming language used to build various types of programs, software, and applications. Its core features like reusable components for faster development, code syntax similar to java and c-plus, and flexible data types make it perfect for building.

Web Application

If you know the c-sharp, you can easily use it in your web application to build the backend. You can build dynamic websites and web apps using the .NET platform or other open-source platforms.



Yes, you heard right. It can be used to build high games. Unity game engine and other game engine software use C-sharp for developing games. If you learned it then you will be a master at writing game codes. Read how to build games.

Windows Application

As developed by Microsoft, you probably guessed that, Am I right? Yeah, It’s also true that it can build high-quality Windows applications. It makes the development process smooth, and functionalities such as Garbage Collection will definitely help to boost your production.

Core features of C#

  • Faster development time.
  • Low Learning Curve.
  • High scalability.
  • Huge community support. 

Installing C# in window

How to install C# in window 10 : You can install C# and its development IDE easily on your computer in the following steps;

  1. Firstly, you need to install visual studio, you can download it from here
  2. Secondly, Double click the installer just downloaded and selected the version available.
  3. A guide to install C#
  4. Select the component as shown for C# development.fninst
  5. Then hit install, the installer will download the required files may take a longer time.opnstudio
  6. Now, you will have Visual Studio installed. After that, create a new C# project as suggested below;crtprojectinstall C#
  7. C# is finally installed in our window machine. Cheer up!!!

C# journey begins

Writing our first code, Ahhm “Hello World”

class TechBink {
    // Main Method
    static void Main(string[] args) {
        System.Consol.WriteLine("Hello World!");

Code Break Down :

Class: This is a keyword used for defining the class of our program.

TechBink: Here techbink is the class name of the program which we are writing.

Static: is a keyword which means the object is not required to access static members. So it saves memory.

Void: it means the return type of our program.


Main: is the method name. It is the entry point for any C# program. When we run our program this method will run first.

System.Console.WriteLine(“Hello World”): here, System is the namespace. The console is the class name, and WriteLine is the console class’s static method used to write the text on the console.